Friday, December 15

The Doris Day Show: The Job

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The Doris Day Show: The Job is inadvertently a preamble to changes that would occur to this series, which lasted five seasons, as time passed.  Up until now, viewers in this initial year of the comedy knew that Doris Martin (aptly played by Doris Day) was a widow and had returned to her father’s California bay area ranch to live and raise her two boys.

In The Job, we learn that Doris used to live in New York where she worked for a magazine as a writer.  Her old boss calls and entices her back to the Big Apple for a four-day job, after which she hopes to convince Doris to return to work.

Now it’s been a long time since I’ve seen this series, so I don’t know if they forgot about this show or just ignored it, but in season 2, Doris goes to work for a magazine as a secretary.  Eventually she does become a writer.  I just don’t recall how that all transpired as yet, but will since I’m working my way through the DVDs.

I was impressed by guest star Joanne Miya who played one of the magazine employees.  I don’t know what else she may have done, but I just liked her style.

What the episode reminds folks of is that Doris is a sharp cookie and not just a rancher’s daughter struggling to get by.  She’s where she is because she wants to be.


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