Friday, December 15

A Reverse Buy in Group.

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It is quit simple really You have one person in your team! YOU and you will pay for as many people to join as you want to. Now Ill tell you one thing this is great because if a person wants to they can become famous in no time! I wont say rich because this might just not happen but from what I can tell. Who knows how far this could go! I want to point out that if say you went and sponsored in 5 people who also sponsered in fire people and so on it would never stop and and every person that joins under you will pay you everytime some one joins them! And if you some how  some has an unactive member on your team they can be removerd and you would have a free slot! But that goes all the way to the top as well so be careful  cause everyone will know you failed at the easiest thing ever! LOL 

So if i am right and I know there are at least five people in this town that know at least five people that know atleast five more people that would make me 25 bucks. So if I did that with say over 5000 people cause I think I have a reasonable chance of getting that many people on the internet to join then that would make $25,000 my first run! Ha I’m doing it and the catch is who ever starts these cycles will not have to pay a cent! I guess I was hoping some one will tell me this was a bad idea or something! So I havent tried it yet but when I do you will all see it!

Now is it legal? From my stand point why shouldn’t it be. But the truth is that there are many laws set forth to protect those out there with big pockets! Cause if we all had big pockets there would be nothing to keep from telling us all apart! LOL but for real You can get around this by offering large amounts of ebooks and other elctronic goods that will count as a product and will make you a great amount of money in the long run! And there is nothing better then money now a days it seems! But all the while you would never know that almost every thing on the internet is a pyramid and it only takes one nich to get it right! I think the dollor for loads of stuff is a great deal! Personly have over 50 I think I am going to sell soon LOL I cant wait to try this out since I have been going over this idea back and forth up or down and cant find any way to be considered “outside the law”!

Wish me luck guys cause I am given it a try! I hope your see me on the evening news some day! And not as a convict ether! Cause thats the last thing I want to be at!

So if your like me and want to start a viable company start with ebooks and work your way up there are loads of thing to sell for free on the internet and If I am right this type of sales idea is how it has been done for years to make wealthy men. I wish I could find some thing on the net about this kind of idea but all i get are scam watches and business modles! Ha Ha Ha thats some funny though scam watch and business modles on the same page in google

Now look up “are reverse pyramid scams illegal” or click here as (I have already done it for you). You will see! Look it up in google and watch the number 1 result its very funny! And I guess thats where I will leave you to your devise and let you ponder what to do next!


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