The Doris Day Show: The Songwriter

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The Doris Day Show: The Songwriter is a first season episode of this rural comedy series.  I like it for a couple of reasons.  The first is that series star Doris Day sings in the episode.  As a fan of her as a singer as well as an actress, I just tingle when I hear her vocalize.  Day is an incredible singer.  The purity of her voice and the way she feels the lyrics is what made her the top singer of her day.

The funny thing, though, is that the song she sings is far from a classic.  In the story, ranch hand Leroy B. Simpson, played with great humor by James Hampton, has fallen for a scam where he believes his rotten songs are really good.  To help bail him out, Doris Martin (Day) writes and submits a song of her own.  It’s all about rancid butter.  Oh, is it bad, but boy, is it funny, too, and she sings it as if she were singing Amazing Grace.

I also like it because the show is all about family.  There’s a wonderful scene at the end when Martin and her family are just having a good time, singing and being playful. The reactions are so real, including that of the big sheep dog, Lord Nelson, Day’s dog who was in a few of her performances over the years.


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