Tuesday, December 12

Msmm Review Part 1 Making Money w Main Street Marketing Machines

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Getting clients and making money from Main Street Marketing and how to serve clients once you have them

Main Street Marketing Machines (MSMM) by Mike Koenigs has been a great help for my business. Before I had a chance to learn all the information Mike has put into this course I had no idea of what I could do if I had the right tools.

That’s one of the first things Mike teaches you in MSMM, you need to have high productivity tools to be able to manage all your clients and produce great results, but MSMM gives you not only the tools but a System as well. A system to produce consistently high quality leads for your clients and monetizing those leads.

Mike’s approach with MSMM works for newbies as well as experienced marketers and he always over delivers when he teaches or answers questions for everyone on his courses. He has a “results in advance” approach that allows you to go to prospective clients with proof in your hands that the system works.

Here’s an overview of his approach:
1. You pick a niche or business field you would like to promote
2. Create a lead page for that niche
3. Get results
4. Go to the client with numbers and statistics showing him what you can deliver

The great tool that you use to achieve results from this approach is of course Traffic Geyser. It’s a full featured content management system that allows you to automate much of the process and to manage an unlimited number of customer profiles but with a twist. Because it is specifically design for MSMM it has some great features that practically guarantee a great Return On Investment.

Most importantly, it helps you determine which niche you should choose to work on with the help of Opportunity Finder. This tool contains information extracted from various sources on many different business sectors. The information included is based on the location you would like to work on and is about the search results for the relevant keywords, the cost per click, the number of paid ads, the questions asked and even the prospects relating to the niche you would like to pursue. By interpreting this information correctly, and this is not an easy thing but Mike helps you a lot to get a feeling for the correct approach, you can choose your niche with great conviction that you will succeed.

For example when reviewing the relevant keywords you could choose low completion keywords and concentrate on the local area searches instead of the total number of searches to get a better feeling for the local “hunger” for your services.

Having chosen your niche with the “Opportunity Finder” you would now be ready to create all the internet content necessary to get all the leads for your clients by creating a free report, getting a domain name and hosting it, setting up a lead page, create videos and start generating results!


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