How Male Breasts Develop

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Breast or boobs is the sexual part associated with the female body only but could also develop in men which is a very embarrassing and unattractive defect. Breast tissue in males starts developing at a very early age, new born babies begin to develop breast during their first year. Before kids reach puberty, the breasts look and feel exact the same in girls and boys. Deep inside they already have very tiny branching tubes embedded with the packing tissue. The milking glands for producing milk don’t develop at this early age in boys and girls. After the arrival of puberty, hormone changes occur in both sexes, females start producing a hormone called oestrogen. Oestrogen makes breast tubes thicker and grow to be a more like branched. Oestrogen also encourages the growth and  development of glandular lobes.

Men have a sexual hormone called testosterone. This hormone is basically responsible to produce testicle. Testosterone levels increase up to thirty times during puberty. Men normally have a small amount of oestrogen in their bodies which keeps their chest flat but this hormone could rise in the body from the effects of puberty and family history which can cause male breast to grow bigger. It is not very common for boys to develop breasts as they go through puberty, so this condition need to be treated as early as possible. Doctors call this condition Prepubertal Gynaecomastia, they usually associate this condition to the genes and family history, and often give no explanation or treatments for it except the surgical procedure.

Recently in the United States, scientist and researchers have developed a dietary supplement formula for safe and effective reduction of male breast without the surgery, its called Gynexin™ Alpha Formula. They guarantee that Gynexin™ Alpha Formula works for 99% of men suffering from abnormal enlarged breasts without any side effects.


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