Interesting Facts About Ford

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The beginning

            Ford Motor Company started as small factory for outdoor chaises in Detroit at 16 June 1903. The assets of the company consisted of tools, appliances, machines, materials, plans, specifications, sketches, patents, some models and 28 000 American dollars in cash, provided from twelve investors.

            Henry Ford (at first as main engineer and afterwards as president) leaded the development and the program for manufacturing.

            Generally 1700 cars from the first model A came out, from the old workshop for chaises, for the first 15 months of work for the company.

            Between 1903 and 1908, Henry Ford and his engineers passed through nineteen letters from the alphabet – from Model A to Model S. Some of these automobiles were only test models which never came out to market. Maybe the most successful from all of the produced were Model N which was a small, light, four-cylinder machine at the price of 500 dollars. Henry Ford was convinced that the future of the company is in the manufacturing of cheap automobiles for the wide market.

            Model T

            The dream of Henry Ford to manufacture strong, simple automobile, on a price, enough low to make it affordable to everyone became a reality with the most popular automobile of the world – Model T. Model T entered the history on 1 October 1908 and Henry Ford called it “the universal automobile”. It became the symbol of reliability and low price. Model T won the approval of million Americans, which called him with love “tin Lizzie”. The production of Model T at the end of first year reached 10 660 automobiles, which broke all records in the automobile industry.

            The beginning of the mass production

            Till the end of 1913, Ford Motor Company produced the half from all automobiles in USA. To leave behind the need, Ford started to mass produce in the factory of the company. Henry Ford appointed different workers for the different working places on which they need to accomplish exact task. That way the automobile was assembled faster and that saved a lot of man-hours work. Whit this he created the automobile conveyor. Henry Ford amazed the world on 5 January 1914 when he announced that the minimal day’s wage in  Ford Motor Company will be five dollars which was more than twice the minimal wage. Mr. Ford said that he want to find a way of manufacture which will raise the wage of the employees and if he decrease the wages he will decrease the number of his clients.

            Model T gave the beginning of a true revolution. Only in America were sold  close to 16 million automobiles Model T. The five dollar a day philosophy, which brought them, gave the beginning of a social revolution. The moving production line gave the beginning of the industrial revolution. (One of the most successful models of Ford is ford fiesta 2001, more information could be found from the source or if you are interested in information about Ford Transit)


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