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Weight gainers take form in protein shakes and are told to bulk one up with muscles without causing you to gain fat because of constant exercise, fitness and activeness.

It’s told that a lot of bodybuilders in the gym were either overweight or underweight. Those underweight tend to want pounds of muscle especially in the upper torso area. Gaining muscle whilst really skinny is really difficult and they tend to seek refuge in anything that can help them become really big and muscular, one of those they tend to seek refuge in are weight gainers.

The truth about weight gainers is that it has large quantities of fat, too much rather. Weight gainers will actually help you gain weight without turning certain muscles into fat because of exercise.

There are problems with weight gainers though.

First off, any human being isn’t recommended to have large quantities of fat, especially bodybuilders who are serious about strict health. Fat is a really hard substance to metabolize and every human being needs to have a good metabolism rate to keep fit. If the metabolism rate slows down then one will either gain weight in the form of fat or not gain or lose any weight whatsoever and stay the same. When one does not lose any weight it means that they are not eating enough depended on their recommended intake and are exercising at large amounts of time.

Secondly, fat contains a lot of carbohydrates and has twice as many calories as protein. When someone is a body builder they have a recommended amount of calories that they are supposed to intake. When one passes that recommended amount, especially by a lot then you will gain a lot of weight and that weight will not be made into muscle, it’ll be fat.

If a person underweight were to have daily intakes of weight gainer, they will have bigger muscles but the muscles will not be as chiseled or not be as toned, instead it will look like just a big blob on your arm. What will also happen is that the person underweight will gain stomach fats. No matter how many crunches they do they will gain lots of fat on their stomach area and doing cardio to work against it will be rather difficult because cardio will not stop the intake of the weight gainers with large quantities of fat and that will not decrease chances of gaining stomach fats.


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