Wednesday, December 13

The Secret TO Success

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Sometimes I get so discouraged when
things don’t turn out like I think they should
or I end up doing things I wouldn’t
rather than the things I would
and I feel such a failure,
like all my effort was in vain…
but I’ll pick up the pieces
and I’ll try and try again;
stir up my enthusiasm,
give my “get-up-go” a boost
of prayer and determination
and do what I must do,
trusting things will end up right
because for now, win or lose,
I’ll place my life in God’s hands
and God will see me through.
I’ll live my life the best I can
each hour, each day until
what must be done is finished
according to God’s will
because His will is always perfect
and when all is said and done
I’ll have lived my life the best I can
that day I stand before God’s Son,
I’ll know in my heart I did my best,
did all that I could do.
For now, I’ll leave my life in God’s good hands
and let Him lead me through
those trying times and setbacks
that would stumble me along life’s way,
turn those stumbling blocks to stepping stones
along the path Jesus has blazed
for me to follow,
knowing I’m doing my best
to do what God would have me do
and I’ll let Jesus do the rest
then no matter how things seem to be,
each day is a success
and each day I’m one day closer
to my final goal.
The secret to successful life;
Let God be in control.


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