Friday, December 15

Mental Disorder

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Depression is a feeling of sadness and pessimism, is associated with the suffering. Depression is a feeling of natural disorder, characterized by sadness, low self-esteem, guilt, despair and feeling empty.

Depression is a psychological disorder that affects the feelings, thoughts, physical and behavioral. Recognize the symptoms of depression and provide appropriate treatment to minimize the occurrence of sustained depression. When a person feel sad, tired after working hard or discouraged when faced with serious problems can not be called a depression. A person can be said of depression if the feelings, thoughts, physical as well as his behavior went on for several days.

Depression is a disorder characterized by loss of feeling joy or not excited, accompanied by symptoms such as:
1. Sleep disturbance
2. No appetite
3. Low self-esteem
4. Prolonged sadness

The causes of depression include:
1. Organobiologis factor due to the imbalance of neurotransmitters in the brain, particularly serotonin levels
2. Psychological factors due to mental distress and did not want to accept the social situation.
3. Socio-environmental factors such as loss of spouse, loss of employment, post-disaster, death of family members, an unexpected pregnancy and failure to achieve goals
4. Changes in brain chemistry
5. Drug side effects
6. Fatigue
7. Difficulty concentrating
8. Insomnia
9. Hypersomnia
10. Guilt
11. Feelings of worthlessness
12. Despair
13. No appetite
14. Failure of therapy


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