Top Ten Valentine Gift Ideas For Your Partner

Valentine’s Day has become a Hallmark occasion filled with frivolity and fluffy sentiments.  It’s a day to be grateful for the human capacity to love, need and want a connection and company in life.  It’s a special date in the year to honour that special someone who walks beside you on your journey and thank them for their affection and support.

What better way to demonstrate your remembrance than with a gift wrapped token of appreciation but it’s cold outside, the year’s just beginning and the streets are filled with shoppers grabbing bargains in the January sales.  Then there is the conundrum of what to buy, what would your loved one appreciate?  Is a small token too small?  How important is Valentine’s Day when compared to say birthdays and Christmas?  Most exasperatingly of all, what do you get for the person who has everything and if they didn’t, received it at Christmas? 

Here are five gift ideas for her to inspire frantic fellows.

  1. If woman are from Venus then it stands to reason that emotions and feelings of love weigh heavily on their minds.  Voicing your affection to a woman can be more meaningful than a string of posh restaurants and gimmicky flowers but as Shakespeare said, “Words without thoughts, never to Heaven go”.  Those three little words are wonderful to hear but proving them through your actions is even more precious. 

Now you can say and show your love at the same time with personalised “Reasons why I love you” book from love book online at $39.95.

If you find it hard to express yourself you can use the many suggestions, complete with doodles, in their templates or compose a list yourself and really think about how important that significant someone is.  This is a very romantic gesture and can be designed to your taste with stamps and drawings included.

  1. Personalized keepsakes display added effort on your part and immediately earn you romantic brownie points.  What better present than a unique message in a bottle.  Conjure the passionate associations of gallant sea fairers, stormy tempests and anxious lovers with a private, penned note from you to your fair maiden. 

For $11.20 at they will print your words and place them in a seven inch bottle, complete with sand, shells and even a little beach umbrella.  It is a thoughtful gift and a decorative ornament that can be displayed with pride for years to come.

  1. Any Valentine’s gift list would be remiss if it didn’t include jewellery.  Yes, jewellery is perhaps clichéd and predictable but there’s a very good reason that it’s such a stereotypical present.  Jewellery doesn’t have to be impersonal, often it can be very thoughtful, proving you’ve paid attention to a particular pendant that your lady friend paused just a little too long to stare at or purchasing an appropriate style and choice can speak volumes about how well you know a person.

Jewellery is seen as an intimate gift because it can be always present, worn and displayed and carry a secret affirmation of attachment and pride as well as being something pretty to complete an ensemble.

The best Valentine’s jewellery is simple and versatile and can accompany any outfit as a token of esteem and affection.  There are of, of course, many jewellers and retail outlets to peruse though.  If you are completely artistically lost something like a plain tiffany heart or rose in silver or gold can be quite affective or a Celtic triskel or claddagh that denotes unity can hold extra meaning.

  1. Another popular gift that is timeless and considerate is a photograph frame or memory album.  The extra effort of choosing and picking a favourite picture of the two of you expresses caring and appreciation.  Again this can be placed in public view and is symbolic of a promise to continue to make happy memories such as the one framed.

A few suggestions could be a photo “love cube” for $17.70 again from or “Just the Two of Us” wooden, picture frame with modern design and an engraving of both your names from for $21.95.

  1. If you want the classic romantic gesture of the single red rose then immortalise your gift by accompanying it with a decorative vase so that the gift will be remembered every time it is used such as, the “Pink Heart” vase or “Outline” vase from uncommon goods for $28.00 and $48.00 respectively or the funky personalised “Soul Mates” ceramic vase from gifts for you now at $29.95.

Don’t let your love wither and fade like the temporal rose but be a vessel that can constantly be refilled and nurture new life.

There are literally hundreds of gifts specially devoted to Valentine’s Day and just waiting for you to discover them.  Do an internet search for Valentine’s jewellery or personalised presents and get cracking.

Bear in mind that the stage and nature of your relationship with the recipient may cause certain gifts to be inappropriate, for example, buying lingerie in a new, untested relationship may give the wrong impression or some tokens may have been over used for past occasions in longer commitments.  Try to be original and put thought into your lover’s tastes, think about the colour scheme and choice of décor in their home before you buy a hot pink cushion or make sure their ears are pierced before you buy some elegant, drop earrings.

Now for the women struggling to find that perfect something and cursing the fact that men are notoriously hard to buy for, here are some suggestions.

  1. Men are a lot more practical and gadget orientated as opposed to romantic and sentimental so it is hard to find something appropriate that’s personal but also functional.  One idea, if the man’s taste runs to such things, is a personalised bottle of wine.  For $74.95, offers a choice of three romantic and skilfully artistic designs that are literally etched onto the bottle along with any unique message you may wish to add.  The engraving is then hand painted and makes a stunning contrast to the burgundy hues of a full bottle of red wine. 

After you are done toasting yourselves, the bottle can be kept and refilled or used as a vase or decorative item for your home together.  Again this is a little different and very thoughtful for the wine connoisseur or simply to consume while making another happy memory.

  1. Not particularly sentimental but certainly different and showing time, effort and research are luxury gifts such as a gift box of nostalgic candies from bygone days supplied by for $29.95 or the Microbrew brew basket, which comes in a durable, metal bucket along with tasty snacks and treats.  This costs $69.99 and includes, Samuel Adams Seasonal Ale, Sierra Nevada Pale Ale, Magic Hat #9, Longtrail Blackbeary Wheat, Smuttynose Old Brown Dog Ale, and Leinenkugal’s Seasonal. 

There is also a similar product of beers from around the world for $89.99 or a gift basket devoted to Heineken for $79.99, all at

  1. If you’re not quite at the romantic mini-break stage and want something thoughtful but not overly expensive or specific, a digital photo key ring could be exactly what you’re looking for.  You can pick these up for as little as $2.99 at Macy’s and it’s a non-saccharine way to say “I love getting to know you, spending time with you and making memories with you”.

As an added bonus, it’s a needless gadget that your special someone can refuse to read the instructions for and carry wherever he goes.  It could also represent the momentous occasion of showing commitment by attaching a key to your home or the new house you’ve bought together.

  1. Funny gifts are also a way to go, a little light hearted token to say you appreciate them without the huge romantic gesture, for example, the “The Man, The Myth, The Legend” mugs with his name, from Cafepress for $15.00 or “I Love You” message prints for your morning toast for $4.84 from to mark those waking up together days or even a silver “My Last Rolo” in a presentation box for $56.69, again from  (This website also has a U.K.– address.)

  1. For something a little more cosmic and unusual you can now claim a whole acre of the moon for the man in your life, surely a sound investment and who doesn’t want to get on the property ladder for only $16.99 from  This package comes with an “Acre of the Moon” certificate deed, a lunar map to show you the exact coordinates of your purchase, a copy of the Lunar constitution and bill of rights, a declaration of ownership from the Russian and U.S. governments and a document affirming your “Mineral Rights” on that personal acre.

Or for $39.95 at RedEnvelope you can top the moon and reach for the stars with your own “Name a Star” pack containing your registration information and details on your own chosen star.  This is a strange but fulfilling legacy and appeals to the boyish sense of adventure in your mate.

Thinking of something new and exciting for that male on your arm can indeed be challenging but there are so many ideas out there to choose from.  If none of the above suggestions float your boat, you may consider a special interest gift, for example, a retro rock band t-shirt for the music lover or even a personalised guitar pic, a “Create your own” ipad case for the computer nerd, a relaxing massage pillow for the stressed office worker or even an aphrodisiac themed cook book for the aspiring chef.

Whatever you choose the time and thought put into that special token will brighten any Valentine’s Day and be remembered throughout the year.

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