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Dog Health Problems – Causes And Cures

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A dog can be a man’s best friend because of its loyalty and unconditional love for the master. So it is the responsibility of the owner to provide a clean and friendly environment for his pet which is not very difficult. He needs to be aware of few health issues the canine may suffer in its lifetime.

Dog health problems range from different types of viral /bacterial infection, diseases related to heart, eye, ear, skin and even nervous system. The owner needs to worry if the pet is loosing body hair, having difficulty breathing or catching cold easily. It may suffer from sudden loss of appetite, excessive vomiting or diarrhea. Sometimes, shows behavioral changes like depression, lack of stamina or sudden aggressive tendencies. Health issues like arthritis or cataract may crop up with old age while ailments like heart diseases or even cancer are hereditary.

The pet may suffer from injuries like broken bone or hip/elbow dysplasia; the former being caused by low calcium intake and the later due to malformation of joints. Some injuries like electrical shock or choking or even frostbite may happen accidentally due to the owner’s negligence.

Skin diseases in dogs are very common .If your pet is constantly scratching itself, particularly ears and chest area, most probably it is affected by external parasites like Lice or Fleas. Another serious skin problem is mange which is caused by mites. Some internal parasites like Heartworm, Roundworm or Hookworm can cause anemia, internal bleeding and even death.

Rabies is one of the most dreaded of canine diseases as there is almost no treatment available and death is certain. It is transmitted from an infected animal either through saliva or by receiving a bite.

To keep the pet healthy the owner should take few preventative measures like providing clean environment and proper nutrition. You should maintain a regular exercise routine for the pet. Any serious ailment can be avoided if it is taken for monthly medical check-up. If the canine is suffering from an infectious disease keep it in isolation away from children and other pets. You should shower your pet with lots of care and affection and also make an effort to groom it well with firm but fair discipline.

Take care of your pet the way you care for near ones and it will love you more than yourself.


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