Friday, December 15

Health Benefits of Walking

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1.) Better Oxygen Flow

Walking gets the blood flowing and helps you to deliver oxygen to your muscles and your brain.  This will lead to healthier muscles and a better functioning brain.  Oxygen flow is important to the good functioning of your entire body.  If you walk five or six times a week for just thirty minutes, you will notice a dramatic difference in your thinking and your muscles will thank you for it.

2.) Weight Loss

Walking is the most natural form of weight loss.  Few regular walkers are overweight.  It can slightly increase your appetite, but it will increase your metabolism a lot.  In the old days when people walked (before cars) almost nobody was overweight or obese.  Walking is one of the best, most natural forms of weight control available to mankind.  If you want to maintain or decrease your weight, then you should increase your walking.  How many people use an automobile all day and then get on a treadmill?  If you can walk to the store and get there within a half hour then you should do so instead of using your car.  You will save money and your body will thank you for it.

3.) More Stamina

You need stamina for all kinds of activities.  Walking is a great way to increase your stamina and concentration.  Walking an hour to that superstore instead of taking ten minutes in your car will provide you with a lot more stamina for many activities.  You spend so much time sleeping, if you just become a regular walker, you will need less sleep and this will actually give you the time to spend walking instead of sleeping.  Furthermore, your sleep will be more restful.

4.) Better Sleep

Speaking of sleep, did you know that you can need almost half as much sleep if you walk seven hours a week at a normal pace?  Your sleep will become more efficient.  It will also take less time to fall asleep because your body will become naturally tired.

5.) Calmer Attitude

With the improvements in sleep and exercise that you will receive from walking daily, you will develop a calmer attitude.  This will give you less stress and will let you handle life’s situations better.  It will give you the oompf that you need to develop a relaxed demeanor.


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