Harmless Habits That Add Pounds

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1.)  Cold

Did you know that when you are cold you will eat much more?  Did you know that many supermarkets turn down the thermostat so that you will buy more groceries?  When your body feels cold, you will feel more hunger.  When your body feels cold, you will buy more food and especially you will buy more fatty foods.  Try not to use the air conditioner very much in the summertime.  This will decrease your appetite.  Don’t be afraid to turn up the thermostat during the wintertime, as you will experience a decreased appetite.

2.)  Being Lazy

Let’s face it, being lazy leads to obesity.  There are several rather easy ways to combat this.  Are you driving five blocks to the supermarket?  Why not walk it instead?  This is really easy to do after a month.  You won’t even notice the difference.  Not only will you feel a lot better, but you will lose those excess calories that you are consuming.

3.)  Watching Television

Why watch television when you have an entire house to clean?  Wouldn’t you feel better if you cleaned the kitchen instead of watched TV?  Instead of eating snacks while watching the tube, you will burn calories instead.

4.)  Eating Candy

Do I really have to explain this?  But how many overweight people eat candy, chocolate, and sugary snacks and cereals?  A lot do.  Try eating a high protein diet instead.  This will fill you up much more than sugary snacks do, especially in the long run.  Eat oven-baked chicken that you can get at the supermarket.  Avoid the potatoes and extra carbohydrates.

5.)  Talking on the Telephone

Even though talking on the telephone seems harmless, it is a very sedentary activity.  If you must talk on the phone, just pace back and forth while you talk instead of sitting down.  If you talk on the phone for an hour or more while sitting, it would be better to take your cellphone with you while you walk.

6.)  Drinking Alcohol and Sugary Drinks

Avoid alcohol and sugary drinks.  Did you know that alcohol gets converted to sugar in the body?  You also need to avoid sugary drinks and drinks that contain corn syrup like Coca-Cola.  Switch to diet soft drinks instead.  You might not like the taste of aspertame at first, but it is better to avoid sugary drinks and drink diet instead.  If you drink beer, switch to wine, or better gin and tonics as these contain few calories.


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