Good Ways to Relax

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1.) Go for a Walk in a Park

Being out in nature and letting your eyes rest of green plants and trees can help you to relax.  It is also a good way to get exercise which will further relax you.  Being out in the sun for an hour or less is good for your skin and will help you to chill out.

2.) Visit a Museum

There is a good chance that your city has an art museum somewhere.  Take the time to go through the museum.  This will help you to relax.  If you don’t have an art museum or have already been there a few times, you might want to check out art galleries or antique stores.  These are all good places to destress.

3.) Eat a Light Meal

Eating can help you relax but if you eat something heavy it could make you tired or drowsy.  Eating a light meal will help your body relax without overtaxing it.

4.) Pet Your Pets

Animals love to be petted and it is a well-known fact that the help people to relax.  They lower stress hormones.  Talking to them helps as well.  If you don’t have pets or can’t have them then get some plants and talk to them.

5.) Meditate

Meditation is an ages-old way to relax.  If you don’t know how, visit with a Buddhist for tips.  

6.) Call an Old Friend

Having long conversations with an old friend can help you to relax.  Laughing can help a lot, so if you have a particularly humorous friend then give him a call.  If they are near enough to visit with in person then have a social encounter as seeing a friend, or even better, a group of friends will definitely help you to relax.

7.) Take a Warm Bath or Shower

Taking a warm bath or shower will help calm your nerves and body.  Don’t overheat the water or you will lose some of the benefits.  If you have access to a swimming pool then go for a light swim as this will also help you to relax.

8.) Go to the Beach or a Lake

Being around large bodies of water will help your body and mind relax.  The waves are particularly soothing.  Going to the beach is more relaxing than going to a lake, but either one will contribute to a sense of well-being.

9.) Have a Glass of Wine

Wine has been proven to help relax the mind, spirit and soul.  Don’t drink a whole bottle though or you won’t be able to relax very much.


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