Thursday, December 14

Get Rid of Your Cockroaches

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1.) Plug all the holes in your apartment.

Cockroaches always live in holes in walls, floors and sometimes ceilings.  You will have to get putty and start plugging every small orifice that you can find in your apartment.  This is a lot of work and it might not be your fault that you have cockroaches.  Often times, it was the last tenant’s untidiness that led to roaches infesting the dwelling.  If you live a hot climate roaches might be native to the area.  In cold climates, not so much.  It is important that you scour the apartment for signs of small holes.  Be generous with the putty and smooth it out with a putty knife.  If you can plug 100% of the holes, both small and large, in your apartment you will eliminate all of their dwellings.  Watch where the roaches run to when you turn on the lights and you might be able to locate where they live.  Close those holes off first.

2.) Get rid of all standing water.

Roaches, like all creatures, need water to survive.  Like humans, they are mostly made out of water.  Don’t leave any liquids standing out anywhere in the house.  Get some drain plugs or even just use a paper towel to cover drains.  Roaches don’t usually live in drains, but they will often go down them to get water.  After shower usage, dry out the shower with a towel if your cockroach infestation is particularly nasty.  Use a towel or paper towels to get rid of water in sinks.  Make sure that none of your faucets is dripping.  You will only have to do this for a month and the roaches will dry up and move on.

3.) Completely clean your kitchen.  Eat out if necessary.

Roaches eat food particles to live off.  Contain all of your eating to one room and be sure to clean up all messes in the kitchen.  Check under the refrigerator and stove to clean up.  

4.) Unleash two or three roach bombs when you won’t be home for half a day.

Once you have completed all of the above steps (which should only take you about a month), then purchase gas bombs for cockroach.  Unleash two or three of days several days in a row.  Close all of the windows.  Put a towel under the door if necessary.  After several days of these toxic gas bombs almost all of the cockroaches will die.  Just be sure to be out of the house while they are living.  Follow the indicated directions.

If you follow the above steps you will get rid of your cockroaches!


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