Boolean Fields

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The Boolean tab gives you formatting options for Boolean fields. SCR makes the Boolean tab available for both Boolean field) from your database arid Boolean formulas that you write using the Formula Editor.

Setting Default Formatting Properties

SCR test you set the system defaults for all of the formatting options dis­cussed so far. SCR installs with the defaults .already set, hut you can change the defaults to suit your needs at any time. To change the default formattingOptions:

1. Click File, Options and go to the Fields tab. This’ tab has buttons for each field type.

2. Click the button of the field, type you want to format, and then set the default formatting options. The field type determines the available, tabs. The String, Number, Currency, Date, Time, Date/Time, and Boolean fields all use the tabs shown in the previous section, “Specific Format­ting Options.”

3.’Now click the Fonts tab in the Options dialog box and set default font settings for the different field types.

Absolute vs. Conditional Formatting

Absolute formatting refers to formatting that applies to a field or object each and every time it prints. Adding a border around a field or formatting a number or date to print the exact way you want. Conditional formatting ap­plies only if a condition is met. In Seagate Crystal Reports, conditional formatting takes precedence over absolute formatting. You can apply conditional format­ting to various report objects. The following sections explain how to format conditionally using the Highlighting Expert or formulas.


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