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How To Look Great In White

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It was at one time just a shade, but now white has become a powerful one for the fashionable crowd from Milan to New York. In fact it is coming out as a color which can be used in your head to toe gear and it is one of the must-have shades. Still the fact remains that if you really want white to work, you will need to have more than just a fancy designs, as it also requires great pieces which offer support and shape to the body and are soothing for the eyes.

According to co-host of TLC and a style expert almost everyone is aware that it doesn’t look good to wear black under white but not many of them are aware that it is not good to wear white under white. It is important to know what not to wear.

Mentioned here are the top three trends from London and how to wear them:

White flirty and flowing fabrics- As felt by most of us flowing and romantic appearance enhance the femininity in a woman. One of the sought-after styles which showcase this style is when you dress in an eyelet halter top complimented by a white miniskirt and funky accessories to offer a monochromatic and a bold look. In case you are planning to include a lovely loose-fitted white top in your wardrobe, it is suggested by London to go for good support below.

According to London the Bali No Poke Wire Halter comes with a total support in built bra into the camisole which is sure to give you an excellent shape.

This is a sure to have style for women who love to wear halters and wear anything over the A cup size. This bra which is built-in bra provides matchless support with an underwire and it is possible to wear it under your dress or even on its own.

Walking suit in white – When you dress for work, you can pair a white blazer with a knee length walking shorts and a lively shirt inspired by sailing, platforms and quirky accessories like a head band or a polka-dot scarf.

If you want to make sure that your white pants look impeccable then you have to ensure that there are no panty lines visible. The Barely There Flawless Fit selection has a variety of panties in flesh tones. You need to select a low- cut style of panty. You can try the Barely There Flawless Fit thong panties which offer a perfect no panty line look or you can try the subtle boy-shorts.


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