How Your Ties Can Make a Fashion Statement

How many times have we not heard that what we wear is an indication of how we are perceived? In other words, the clothes that we wear are the basis by which other people around us make their perception about the kind of person we are. Therefore, it is imperative that we dress in manner that is deemed appropriate for the particular occasion. This is especially true while dressing up in a formal environment and/or in the corporate world. It is imperative that you ensure that your clothes are sending the right message and people are making their initial impressions and perceptions about you, in a way that you would like them to.

The focus of this article is to provide you a quick overview of how a tie can reflect on your personality.

Pink Ties

If you wear a pink coloured tie, it often reflects as sense of fashion in your attire, Moreover, a pink tie is indicative of the person oozing self-confidence, style and an appreciation for the finer things that life can provide.   However, if you are going for an interview, it is better to pick a tie that ahs a softer and more subtle shade of pink.

Ties that are cartoon based

These ties reflect a sense of humour and comedy. However, given the setting of your office environment, you could risk sending a message of being a person who cannot be taken seriously and/or does not take his own self seriously.  Hence, it is better to avoid these ties when you are at work.

Ties that are striped

This is a classic pattern for ties and indicates qualities such as class, style, strength of character and dependability. These types of ties are appropriate in all business situations like a business presentation, corporate events and even an interview.

Ties with small/medium prints

Since the patterns on these ties are not too loud or overwhelming, they are suitable to be worn on a day to day basis for work. The most popular patterns are checked, alternate colouring schemes and paisleys.  These types of ties reflect class, strength and professionalism.  

Ties with large prints

Ties that have very overwhelming prints are a bit risky to wear to work. Such ties draw attention away from you and to the tie itself. This is not something you will want while making a crucial business presentation, for instance.

Remember, the golden rule is to dress to ensure success.  A tie can go a long way in defining who you are. 

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