Currency And Number Fields / Remaining

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Allow Elide clipping check box. Repeat for Currency field types. That wayyou will, by default, know if numbers in your field clip off.

•   Decimal and Thousands Separator*. Both of these separators can be set to whatever character you want, including a blank space.

•   Leading Zero. Selecting this option prints a leading zero for any values under one, as in 0.45 instead of .45.

•   Reverse Sign for Display. Reverse the sign for debit and credit amounts in financial reports with this option.

•   Show Zero Values As. Select from options for how zero values print on the report; Default (from File, Options),”-” or “0”.

•   Use Accounting Format. This option, at the top of the Number tab, applies a default general accounting format. The Windows regional set­tings determine the character to use as a negative sign. Zero values display as’ a dash and the currency symbol is fixed on the left side.Ne following options is available on the Currency tab to format currency fields:

Enable Currency Symbol. If you select this check box, a currency sym­bol prints on your report. You can specify exactly where to print the symbol by selecting either the fixed or floating radio buttons, or writing a conditional formula.

One Symbol Per Page. After enabling the currency symbol, this check-box option is available if you only want one symbol per page of the report.

Position and Currency Symbol. These two options allow you to set the position and type of symbol you want to use. Change the options and watch the sample to see exactly how the symbol will print on a report.


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