Monday, December 11

Get The Perfect Neck Tie At Great Price

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In case you are looking forward to gifting a neck tie to someone close to you and you are wondering how to get the perfect tie at a great price then you are at the right place. Mentioned below are some great tips which will make it easier for you to select.  

Things to remember when buying a neck tie:

  • Keep in mind that a costly neck tie is always a good option as compared to a neck tie of low quality. In fact just by spending a little extra cash you will be able to get something of a better quality and this will offer much better value for the money you spend. The reason behind it is that when you buy a high quality tie it will make your less expensive suit look much better and on the other hand if you purchase a cheaper and low quality tie it will end up damaging the total look of your top end suit.

  • You must look at the fabric which is used for making the neck tie as the finest neck ties are designed with hundred percent silk. You must check the label as well as touch the material to understand as to what you are getting for the amount you are paying. In case it is difficult for you to recognize if it is pure silk or not you can ask for help from a salesperson who will assist you in finding out the same.

  • Check for the cut as a good tie is cut accurately at a 45 degree angle and this can be tested easily by holding out the tie in front and holding the narrow side. If it has been made at the correct angle it will not turn.

  • Good quality ties are supple and can keep their shape easily. This can be tested by pulling the ends of the tie to see if they get back to the original shape when left.

  • The next thing to check is how the tie holds when you hold it in the middle. If it does not hang down straight then it is possible that the outer material has been stitched very tightly as a lining and this may not be a very high quality tie.

  • It is also important to judge the perfect tie depending on your suit as well as the shirt. Try it out with the same kind of shirt which you plan to wear it with which will also tell you the proper width and length of the perfect neck tie.


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