Currency And Number Fields

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The Number tab appears in the Format Editor whether you selected a num­ber field or a currency field to format.

Number Tab

The Number tab gives you a list of common options for formatting numbers on a report. Select the display Currency Symbol check box to display the system default currency symbol (this comes from the Windows regional setting). To customize the number format or currency symbol, click the Customize button to access many options available to specifically format the way. Numbers look on a report, regardless of how they exist in your data­base. The Custom Style dialog box opens with tabs for number and currency symbol options, described next.

• Suppress if Zero. Select this check box to suppress the field if it equals zero. The field still exists on the report and figures into any calculations, but docs not print a zero.

• Decimals, Hounding, and Negatives. These options allow you to for­mat numbers according to your needs. You can set the global default under file, Options, but you might find that number formatting needs differ from report to report.

• Allow Field Clipping. When you select Allow Field Clipping, SCR cuts off extra digits of numbers too long to print within the width of the field. When cleared, SCR prints a string of number signs (#) to let you know that the number does not fit within the size of the field. I recom­mend that you clear this check box for your number fields, especially subtotals and summaries. Otherwise, SCR may be cutting digits off a number and you won’t realize it.


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