Prostitution, an Oldest Occuptation – a Myth

The misconception about the term “Prostitution” as an oldest Occupation can be understood by evaluating the term and its significance in the Human Society.  Prostitution is not an occupation, but nomad since occupation is always based on virtue and nomadic is an instinct.

The history of human society was based on nomad.  They were hunters and gatherer.  The settlement through agriculture paved the way towards the organized society and led to marriage and formation of Family system.  The marriage was based on rituals and gradually it became tradition.

But organized society could not wither away the nomad of the human society.  There remain a community that dejected the organized way of life and chosen to be the nomad.  Similarly it was extended to the micro regime.  There were individual who refused to be in family system and wished to remain wanderers. The chosen community of wanderer is termed as prostitutes.

The nomadic got divided into two streams, i.e. traders and invader.  The trader became a support to the settled community and helped in the growth of the community through various transactions of goods and technology, whereas, invaders were threat to the organized and settled community.  To check the invasion, the state-system was created.  The Chief was responsible for the protection and governance of the society. 

In the Micro Regime, i.e. family system, where husband is a ruler of the family and responsible for the protection and provision, the wife submits her chastely to her husband and husband make sure that she is out of invasion.  Similarly, the men’s community of the organized society becomes protector of the chastely of the women’s Community and make sure that it is protected.  That is the reason there is a formation of social system for micro governance and legal system for macro governance.

Prostitutes are the feminine nomad who is constantly a threat to the micro regime, i.e. family system.  When the man gets invaded by the Prostitutes, it destroys the family and hence resulting to the shattered society.  That is the reason prostitution is always treated as social evil.

Criminals are masculine nomad; they are responsible for the invasion of the micro regime. The community of Criminals is always getting facilitated by the prostitutes since they are two sides of the same coin, i.e. nomad.  Hence, nomads are always threat to main stream society.

The rising population of the prostitutes is a sign of lack of state governance, where micro regime, i.e. women are a victim of the micro nomadic tendencies.  The lack of manhood is the sign of the insecurity of women and hence they are victims due to shrinking social system.

Legalizing prostitution means, legalizing nomad.  When one gender is getting the support of Law for the nomadic behavior, another gender, i.e. Criminals will also get the Legal authenticity.  Hence, crimes will have the Legal approval.

Hence, prostitution in a civilized society has always treated as para-community and it is always away from the main-society.  Since nomad is an instinct of the human society / human nature, hence it needs governance by Law/ Reason; otherwise it will destroy the society / family.

This said analysis is based on “Macro-Micro Theory – State-Society Relations”.

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