Advertise With Pay Per Click Advertising

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Step 1 Sign up for a pay per click advertising service. Most people benefit most from Adwords, but there are plenty of others which are very beneficial. Choose one who’s terms meet your requirements.

Step 2 Decide how much you are willing to pay per day/week/month. This is how pay per click advertising services will decide how often to place your ad. If your bid is high and your max is low, they will not place your ad very often, so it is best to think about how much you will spend per click at this time as well.

Step 3 Make your ad. Pay per click advertisements have to relate very closely to the content of the site. Do not mislead people. If you mislead people, they will click the ad, you will pay for it, then they will not buy anything from the site because it was not what they were looking for.

Step 4 Choose keywords carefully. Many keywords have extremely high cost per clicks. This is because they target very closely the niche of the site which they are placed on. It is best to stick to general keywords that still say something very specific about the product which you are selling. Its OK to have your ad placed on pages where it may not belong because in general, no one will click it if it is out of place and it won’t cost you any money.

Step 5 Monitor your clicks and sales regularly. This way you will know if the pay per click advertising is working for you. If it is not profitable after a week, change it up a bit. A few days or a weeks of data is enough time to consider. Continue changing it until you are getting the maximum sales at the lowest advertising cost. This can take a lot of trial and error.

Step 6 Be sure to research keywords. Understanding what people are searching for and writing about will help you to figure out what keywords to target. Wordtracker is a great product for doing this. Use the online program to locate high competition/high traffic keywords to find out what people are searching for and then target those for your ads. Publishers do the same thing when they release new material so your ads should sinc up with their content. See the resources section below for more on this valuable product.


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