Flood Buckets

In this article I will explain why you should have the necessary items available to you at all times to help control a flood in your building or home.

Over the years I have seen many buildings and homes not properly prepared to handle a flood caused by water from a broken water line or other source.

The larger the building the larger your bucket should be. For example; the picture below is that of a thirty five gallon metal bucket (barrel) for large commercial projects. You house will not need as large as a bucket to capture water but you will need items like a garden hose, sump pump, 50′ or 100′ extension commercial electric cord, small hand tools, rubber boots, flashlight, rubber gloves, 50′ rope or longer, and other items depending on your situation. 

By having a well organized flood bucket you will be able to save your company thousands of dollars of property damage.

Included in the flood buckets I made up for companies I worked for or gave advice too, are a thirty five gallon barrel with a hole drilled out for a two inch or inch and a half nipple. I would extend the threads to one side of the nipple in order to place two rubber gaskets on both sides of the drum with locking nuts, I then add the valve and an adapter for a fire hose hose. Insure you have the correct fittings to attach a garden hose to the valve and correct fittings to the valve for the fire hose. You will need to have a 50′ or 100′ commercial extension power cord, 50′ to 100′ of garden and fire hose available. Two or three different sump pumps and one of those pumps should be for sewage. Include rubber boots, gloves, hand tools, and 50′ to 100′ of rope. Your sewage pump may go out in a pit and you may need to lower the pump into the pit. 

With large commercial building’s water and sprinkler lines are the most likely cause of all floods. You would be able to capture almost all of the water from one of these breaks and properly discard the water to a floor drain or outside the building. By having a one and a half fire hose set up you can keep up with most floods from a sprinkler line break.

Granted by the time you arrive with your flood bucket, water has already made a big impression on those around the flood.

If you have a sewage system that pumps the sewage up a floor or more insure you have a sewage graded sump pump to discard sewage waste.

Don’t be under prepared for floods be over prepared for floods.

Good Luck and Happy Plumbing

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