Monday, December 11

Singapore Company Registrar, an All Round Perfection

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Singapore is an incomparable country that has perfection in all its aspects. The clean corruption free government, the streamlined legal body, stable politics and the law abiding citizens all have helped paint the country with a glowing color in the global map. And these have, no doubt given the country the needed boost. Adding to it is the government’s all round effort to bring in foreign skills into the country by way of business enhancement measures.

Its liberal rules and regulations, various tax incentives, conducive and friendly environment, clean and well placed bureaucratic mechanism, has resulted in more and more investors heading towards Singapore. There is a high competition among the investors to set up their business in Singapore and incorporate it under the Singapore Company Registrar.

And not to lag behind is the Singapore Company Registrar. It is a fully computerized set up with the most efficient, skilled and well trained and experienced staff taking charge of the activities and completing all its assignments within the short stipulated time. While, normally it takes about a month or more for a company to get registered completely after going through all the formalities, the Singapore Company Registrar takes only 1 day for a company with Resident Directors and maximum of 2-3 weeks if the Directors are Foreign Nationals.

For a company to be registered under the Singapore Company Registrar two main steps are to be followed :

1.    Selecting a name and getting it approved by the Singapore Company Registrar.

If the propose name is not vulgar, offensive, not identical with any other existing company name, is not already applied for by other company, it would get immediate approval.

2.    Once the name is approved, a duly filled in application along with the requisite documents is to be submitted to the Singapore Company Registrar.

The documents that are required to be attached are:

1.    Brief profile of the Company that would include the nature of business that the company is proposing to do.

2.    Memorandum and Articles of Association.

3.    Details of the Directors and shareholders (for foreign nationals the copies of their passports and for Singapore Residents the Singapore Identity Card is required).

4.    The company’s registered address along with a proof of it

5.    The details of the Company Secretary, whose appointment is mandatory before going for a registration.

After the submission is done, it is duly verified and processed and when complete, an email to this effect is sent by the Singapore Company Registrar.


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