Sun’s Transit in Aquarius

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On 13th February 2011 the Sun enters the Aquarius Sign and the constellation is Dhanistha (third Charan, 300 degrees to 306.4 degrees). The lord of Aquarius is Saturn where as the lord of Dhanistha is Mars and the lord of third Charan of Dhanistha is Venus.

Now this can infuse some volatility in natives and to enter in to an altercation gets simpler. The expenditure on things of passion also gets increased.

As the Sun transits from the third Charan to the forth Charan of Dhanistha (whose lord is Mars) the intensity for falling into altercation does not subside. So during this transit this behaviour has to be guarded.

The Entry into various Charans of Satbhisha constellation (Lord Rahu) does not bring respite to the native either.

The first Charan’s lord is jupiter which can make the native stubborn and quarrelsome. The second and third Charan lord is Saturn which shall increase the intensity of stubbornness. The forth Charan lord is Jupiter, here the native shall not himself follow the path what he preaches.

The next constellation which the Sun enters is the Purva-bhadrapad (constellation lord-Jupiter). The first Charan lord of purva bhadrapad is Mars. The natives is infused with more vigour and power to carry out controversial works. The second Charan lord is Venus which can infuse some bliss. Usually people do not adore these kind of works.

The thirs Charan lord is Mercury, the native tends to carry out some work related to intelligence and knowledge but it is not accepted in the society.

This brings to the end of Sun’s transit in the sign of Aquarius.

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