Vidya Balan to Pose Nude For MF Hussain?

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Will the sexy Bollywood actress Vidya Balan go Kate Winslet’s way in Titanic is the question which is doing the rounds in Bollywood. The only difference would be that the young and charming Leanordo Dicaprio would be replaced by the old and artistic, MF Hussain known for his paint strokes.

The actress has reportedly got an offer from the great painter MF Hussain to pose in the nude for him when he will capture her in his canvas. MF Hussain has become a fan of Vidya Balan and adores her so much that he has seen her latest movie ‘Ishqiya’ 12 times.

Vidya Balan who is steadily climbing to the hall of fame in Bollywood, has still not responded to his request. Vidya, who is playing the role of a sex siren in her upcoming film titled ‘Dirty Picture’, was earlier gung-ho about MF Hussain and his work.

MF Hussain, earlier an Indian citizen, has now taken up Qatari citizenship. His controversial depection of Indian goddess has not gone down well amongst the Hindu population. He is known to be a complete ladies man and has wooed Bollywood sex symbols like Madhuri Dixit, Amrita Rao and Anushka Sharma. It needs to be seen how Vidya Balan responds to his request.


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