What Seo Will Not Do For Your Website

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As much we many webmasters and businessowners may be concerned about what SEO may do for their website, the facts behind what seo will not do for your website may be more important. At a time when consultants and other so-called experts preach the message of SEO superiority and supremacy, the actual science behind search engine optimization is not as glamorous as it may be made to seem. In fact, the results of SEO implementation may be disappointing; in order to guard against unwarranted expectations, it may prove worthwhile to understand the shortcomings of search engine optimization.

Guarantee Results

Among the list of what seo will not do for your website would include the fact that no amount of optimization can guarantee first-page results on Google. The reasons include constantly changing algorithms, crafty competition, and no quantity of keyword-stuffing being able to make up for the celebrity clout or link weight that competing sites may have at their disposal. Placement on the first page of Google search results is obviously the desirable place to be for any personal brand or business entity, but getting there will take much more than mere SEO manipulation.

Sell Products

For any business seeking to sell their products or services online, it would make sense to try and garner the best search-engine results possible. However, one of the tasks SEO won’t do for your website is sell the products, even if the site ends up doing well on Google searches. No amount of search optimization can offer the deals, design the presentation, makes the sales follow-up, or provide the interactive customer experience that a solid sales staff or other appropriate workers can perform. Sloppy salesmanship cannot be compensated by SEO success.

Enhance Appeal

The brutal honest truth is that if your website is ugly and not user-friendly, no amount of search engine results will help. What seo will not do for your website would have to include improve its design, enhance its appeal, or update its functionality. SEO may seem like a wonderful tool, almost magical, but it cannot take the place of responsible work and website upkeep.

Responsibility dictates that due diligence should be taking place on your site, and taking note of what seo will not do for your website would provide a good start in realizing where to fill in the gaps and ensure that customers will encounter a real chance at fulfilling their needs to turning interest into purchase.


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