Wednesday, December 13

The Importance of a Small Business to Have a Vision

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While many entrepreneurs and innovative owners have a healthy understanding of the importance of a small business to have a vision, many start-ups and modest enterprises have actually failed due in part to their lack of a definitive vision for their purpose and future. Terms like “vision” and “mission statement” are sometimes derided as a part of anti-corporate jokes; in reality, while many companies may indeed misuse those tools, they represent a very real need for any entity, in order to define their identity, navigate their pursuits, and other benefits.

Decision Clarity

With a well-written, intensively planned, properly conceived vision in place, an organization has added freedom to move forward in their operations. This may sound counterintuitive, considering that a more specific mission might actually seem to inhibit rather than free group decision-making, but part of the importance of a small business to have a vision is eliminating all of the pointless conjecturing and time-wasting “what if” conversations that can take place when a lack of confidence and integrity takes over. Having a clear vision will assist in decision-making because as each decision is made, the question can be asked: Does this fit our vision?

Conflict Resolution

Just as the vision can serve as a decisive point for making decision, one aspect of the importance of a small business to have a vision is the similar function it can perform in resolving conflicts. This is especially critical for a small business, where a smaller body of employees is more susceptible to conflict; or, at least, more vulnerable to the damages that such strife in theoffice can cause. Having a clear vision that every worker believes in provides a spot of commonality amidst confusion, and a target to shoot for when two employees have differing opinions on a desired course of action.

Promotional Advantage

When Google was initially becoming rather prominent on a worldwide scale for their Internet projects in search engine technology and beyond, one of their first slogans was “Don’t be evil.” This simple, brilliant-sounding lighting-rod maxim became the subject of both and controversy, and entire pieces have been written just to examine the veracity of such a statement. While that may not have been Google’s actual vision statement, the point is this: One of the bigger potential gains behind the importance of a small business to have a vision is providing that business with a weapon they can use in their marketing arsenal throughout promotions and advertising. If a vision is crafted well, there is no need to keep it a secret, and it can even be advantageous to put it on display for others to potentially admire and partially base a buying decision on.

The importance of a small business to have a vision should not be overlooked, as forming a quality vision will be a significant step toward becoming a larger, more legitimate, more credible enterprise. Once a start-up gains its focus and defining path, it will have something to strive for, and can put their efforts toward fulfilling that guiding principle.


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