How To Know Your Spouse Only Nature Viewing Last Name Calling

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Okay for those who want to know the properties of their partners through name calling is just behind, let us discuss one by one:

    * If you call a distinguished name ends with the letter NI, NA, NO (eg Sarni, Sarno, Sarna *) then NI, NA, NO Letters belangkangnya means you have the nature of the eagle, or want more, want more intense than others and most pleased to be praised
* If you call the last name such as BI, BU, BO (example GEBI, passionate, GEBO) Point back of BI, BU, BO it means you have properties like a bull, BUFFALO, because it is a character who stubborn, never give up and slightly High bertempremen
* If the last name you call TI, TU, TO (OTI example, OTU, Okto, Tuti, Surti) Point Behind the TI, TU, TO will mean you have the nature FROGS / FROG is the person you love to play dimateri, but that does not mean matre if the items which you are most happy, and also you if you take a bath like a long time since love playing in water
* If you call the last name is LI, LU, LO (example: RUSLI, Lulu, SILO). Letter LI, LU, LO means Snake, so you people often change the skin, or can adapt to the environment, but there’s not a little thing well, you probably will bite if there is insistence or pressure, and the fundamental nature of your most frequently altered appearance
* If you call the last name is the letter IZ (Example: AZIZ, Fariz) Letter IZ which means pertemuanan between alif and za ‘, which means you have a calm nature, patient and usually every what you make and do will be easy to achieve, which fundamental of your personality is easy to forgive the faults of others.

Finally, this paper please do not be a difference between you and your spouse. If that is what I wrote is true you feel that nature is your partner, make a difference as one of the ingredients of love that must be maintained and be lived with happiness.


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