Why No Seo Consultant Can Guarantee First Page Search Results

After careful research and multiple inquiries, one may come to wonder why no seo consultant can guarantee first page search results. These purported experts may certainly claim to enhance search results, and name specific services they offer in order to do so, but they cannot absolutely assure first-page search results. Why is that?

As it turns out, like many other disciplines, search engine optimization is not an exact science. Or, perhaps more accurately, no matter how scientific it is, there are simply too many elements involved and all working in real time to allow even the best forecasters to precisely predict such results. There are, however, a few more-specific reasons why no seo consultant can guarantee first page search results.

Algorithmic Updates

Google has been the forerunner in Internet search engine technology for years, and is constantly tweaking its performance formulas in order to remain atop the heap. Their algorithms have been developed after millions of work hours of time, and are tightly held, patented secrets. Although some agencies and other SEO-relevant companies may say they use the same algorithms as Google, the fact remains that Google is always in the process of refining and updating their own algorithms to remain ahead of the curve. Since this engine behind their search results is changing at a consistent pace, results observed one day may differ from the next, and even drastically shift from year to year.

Competitive Methods

Theoretically, if one big-box corporation approaches an internet marketing business and requests services related to enhancing relevant keyword results toward their website, an important question persists: How can the corporation be assured that their competitors are not utilizing the exact same services? This is an important aspect of why no seo consultant can guarantee first page search results; that is, even if one entity is using every trick they know, they will only be doing a better job than all the competing entities that are not using those same tricks.

Brute Force

Search engine optimization is not completely in the hands of those desiring better searching results. As much as can be done internally to affect searches, there are external factors that cannot be controlled. For example, Google takes link weight into account for their search results; in other words, they compare not only the relevant content of a page to other pages, but also the value of the incoming links pointing to that particular page. Even if some links can be artificially generated, one significant endorsement from a web heavy hitter can skew results to a greater measure than any amount of SEO tinkering. This can include viral results as well, when one particular site suddenly explodes in popularity, with many people on social media accounts sharing links to the page. No matter how much an organization spends, one reason why no seo consultant can guarantee first page search results is that not every factor that contributes to search results can be directly controlled.

Even if the agency cannot completely guarantee first-page results, understanding SEO optimization can be a beneficial knowledge set to gain. Whether for business purposes or personal branding, everyone has a cause or product they would like to gain exposure for, and the nature of the Internet means that everyone has a chance to have a voice.

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