Weight Loss Secrets Are Inside You Claims Weight Loss Hypnosis Expert

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Leading Weight Loss Hypnotherapy expert has said the secret to Weight Loss is inside the person who wants to lose weight. Claire Hegarty who is a leading Weight Loss Hypnosis expert has seen the media highlight Obesity more and more in recent months; a word, which the Losing Weight expert says, is offensive.

Although Claire Hegarty says the word Obesity is offensive she has said that being over weight can cause serious health problems and for this reason people should start to shed the pounds which would result in giving them less health problems and a longer life.

Claire Hegarty who also presents her own radio show on Health Matters says that diets do not really work and for the small amount of people out of the millions who go on diets that it does work for, the weight soon comes back on and for this reason, people need to learn more about food.

The Weight Loss Hypnotherapy expert said that the NHS need to look at the Gastric Band operations in more detail. Not only can it be a dangerous operation where it has caused complications with patients in the past, it is also very expensive on the NHS, where this money could be used for other health treatments. Claire feels the NHS should be looking at using a more cost effective solution such as Weight Loss Hypnotherapy, which has been in the media a lot recently for its huge success.

The weight loss expert has said: ”People put on weight for many reasons, some people are not eating the right food, while other people do not eat enough, it sounds daft but you have to eat three meals a day, while others over eat due to depression or something that has happened in their life and therefore they comfort eat.”

Weight Loss Hypnotherapy and Gastric Band surgery have become more and more common recently as people struggle with their weight. Celebrities are now turning to Weight Loss Hypnotherapy and Gastric Band operations to help them become their ideal weight more quickly and more easily than diets can offer them.

Claire explained that people need to understand the difference between Hypnotherapy experts and weight loss hypnotherapy experts.

“A person has to be trained in weight loss hypnotherapy, there are not a lot of hypnotherapist out there who are trained in weight loss hypnotherapy and to get real long lasting results people need to check that the hypnotherapist that they visit is in fact trained and qualified in weight loss hypnotherapy.”

According to Claire Hegarty, it is important to make sure that you visit a qualified Weight Loss Hypnotherapy expert. Claire explained that you would not take your computer to be repaired by a someone who repairs radiosand said it is the same with hypnotherapy, some people are qualified to help you to stop smoking while others are not qualified or experienced in weight loss hypnotherapy.

Claire explained that it is important to her that she offers someone who wants to lose weight a free consultation, this can be done either over the phone or at one of her offices. She also said that it is important at the first meeting to make sure the person knows everything about what is involved in losing weight and assists them bbeing in the right place both mentally and emotionally, assisting them in removing any unwanted habits, addictions, emotions, behaviors and any unhealthy relationships they may have with food. Claire looks at whether the client is eating through stress, boredom, and punishment or over indulgence, low self esteem, low confidence or perceived lack of control before taking them on the road to their goal of becoming their ideal weight.

The client will then learn how they can use hypnosis to increase and decrease the size of their stomach meaning a person eats until they are nicely full, they get full more quickly and are in control of how much food they eat rather than the food controlling them. They can still go out for meals, eat starters and enjoy their food, as a person is happy, confidence and eating the right food for them for the right reasons

After speaking to Claire Hegarty it seems strange that the NHS are still wasting all this money on Gastric Band operations when they could be reducing their health bill and using this money to help patients in other areas.


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