Stand Up To Bullying

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A bully is someone who picks on people. A bully is disrespectful to many people in different ways. A bully may have a reason why they are doing what they are doing, but, whatever the reason, it is wrong to mistreat people the way they do.

Most of the time a bully is found in the school setting, but can also be found at work, at home, or even in a neighborhood. A bully is not always a schoolaged person either. An adult can be a bully too.

No matter what the age of the bully is or the age of the victim, being bullied still hurts the victim. It can scar the victim in ways unseen by the human eye. Sometimes the hurt becomes so bad the victim wants to lash out at others just like the bully did to them.

As a society, we all need to put a stop to bullying. We can’t stand on the sideline and watch or turn our backs. If we just watch or turn our backs, the bullying will get worse. The victim would also feel alone if the bystanders did nothing to help him or her.

Whoever you may be you can help the victim by standing up to the bully in a nonviolent way. By standing up to the bully, the victim will eventually feel more empowered to stand up for themself and the bully may stop being that way.

No matter how old you are, what gender you are, or where you live, stand up to the bully and help protect the victim. If people don’t start doing this, the bully will become more hurtful and harmful to those around him or her. So from now on be a savior and a friend, stand up to those who hurt others in a bullying way. You may just be saving a life when you do it, but it’s a life worth saving.


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