It Was Hard Losing Weight Until I Came Across Weight Loss Hypnosis

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A mother of two said her mission at Losing Weight was very hard because everything that she had tried did not work until she was told about Weight Loss Hypnotherapy.

More and more people are now turning to Weight Loss Hypnotherapy which is also known as Gastric Band Hypnotherapy because it works, simple as that. For years people have been buying into the idea of diet pills and these amazing so called diets that do not really work or if they do, they do not keep the weight off, but now this new tool called Weight Loss Hypnotherapy which some NHS doctors are now providing has become the savour of many people who have been trying to lose weight.

A Leading Weight Loss Hypnotherapy Expert, Claire Hegarty explained: “Weight Loss Hypnosis brings the same positive results as having a Gastric Band fitted through surgery but unlike Gastric Band Surgery, with weight loss hypnosis you do not need to spend any time in hospital or have to undergo an operation.”

Emma Eveleigh who is a mother of two tried for years to lose weight but failed in her battle. She believed that she would never lose the weight after trying so many different diets but time and time again she found the weight was not coming off and what did come off was not staying off.

The mother of two who said weight loss hypnosis changed her life was disillusioned with diets and weight loss products but continued to buy into these fads in the hope that one day she could get her youthful figure back.

Emma said one of her problems was no will power, and she even thought about having a Gastric Band operation but after her research she found it to be to expensive and also found their was a risk with the operation where people have suffered serious complications and some people have even died as a result of the operation.

After doing all of her research and finding out about Weight Loss Hypnotherapy, Emma decided to give it a go; after all she had nothing to lose and everything to gain. Emma became shocked at how effective hypnotherapy was for her weight loss goal, instead of craving for food and eating lots of chocolate, she instead turned to healthy food such as fish, vegetables and fruit. According to Emma it was like she was a changed person and the person who enjoyed junk food and unhealthy food had now left her.

Instead of putting on weight and craving for food, Emma found herself losing weight, in fact Emma found herself losing 3lb per week transforming herself to a size eight which not only gave her a new lease of life it also gave her a thinner and healthier body.

Emma is now proud of her body instead of hiding her figure, the mother of two is more than happy to wear clothes that show her curves.


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