At Least Say Please And Thank-You…

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If you don’t remember any of your home training from when you were a child, you should at least say please and thank-you.
Most of the time we are all about ourselves, others need pleases and thank-you as well as you do.
This world has become greedy and self indulgent and self centered and we are living smack dab in the middle, it has caused almost everyone who lives in it, just to think about their own needs and wants for getting there are others that are just as important as they are.
Fixing this, we can retrain ourselves and train your child to be polite, right from the beginning, teaching them not to snatch things out of people’s hands, saying please and thank-you, joined by yes Sir and no Sir. 
This will get you a new lease on life, treating people the way you want to be treated, for yourself, will make you feel much better.  Child training and learning starts early on, and continues.
The funny thing about it is the pressures, stress in everyday life; this causes some to become self centered, and not caring about their fellow human beings, or the way they are acting toward others.  Remembering the one that is making your coffee in the morning isn’t the one you’re really mad at, so don’t treat them like they are.
Manners are so important, when they aren’t used; it is being rude to someone, do you like being disrespected? Really it is getting worse, as this world carries on. Rudeness is everywhere, grocery stores, the cashiers get bullied every day, the waitress at the local café’ gets treated badly, basically every where there is someone is waiting on you and trying to take care of your needs, also needs please and thank-you.
Some children are hateful to adults, some treat their elders awful and with little respect, and the teachers that have given their lives to teach our children are harassed and treated badly.  This shouldn’t be allowed, yes, I know they suspend children from school, but actually what good does that do, now they are missing out on a much needed education. 
It is up to us as parents or Grandparents, to show an example, and if someone encourages this behavior toward others, they are no better than the others doing it, and may as well be doing it themselves.  So when you see a cashier getting yelled at, at the store, is it really her fault that they don’t have the milk for the sale, or is it really the grocery stores? So why blame her?
Please and Thank-you, yes Sir and no Sir all go hand in hand.  Really as adults in our children’s life’s learning to be a role model and children learn from examples they are taught. Watching and learning, If your child sees you lose your temper over a missing bag of fries, and you yell, and scream about it, and then go home and talk about it for another hour, do you think that it is okay to scream and yell at someone in public? And what will your child learn to do? So what if they missed the fries, there was another way of handling it, don’t you think.
This training should and must start at the beginning, with the people in the child’s life, Grandparents, parents, babysitters etc.  Teaching to ask for things, teaching not to grab, and teaching is important. So they grow up to be stable adults, and know how to treat others.
It takes a whole village to raise a child I read that somewhere a long time ago, it has stuck with me.
The future depends on it, rudeness is everywhere, and I encounter it every day on my job, from customers, who snatch money out of my hand to the young children that work there through a work program.  Young people haven’t a care for others it makes me wonder what or how they treat the others in their life.  But many adults I encounter are just as bad, For example, Today I greeted a man with a good morning, he said what is so good about it, I told him every day I get up and get myself dressed without any help it is a good day. He groaned give me my coffee; I don’t need any of your advice this morning.  Rude, no please may I have a coffee, and no thank-you for the coffee. Was it my fault he got up on the wrong side of the bed?
At Least say please and thank-you…


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