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Assist/ringmaster Guide

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most players who play with the assist, enjoy playing in large groups and helping other players in the party. Any AoE party will need to have a good assist there to keep the party healed. Any grinding party that wants to have a ton of experience will need an experienced assist. If you do not like PVP please do not play this type of character as you will really be disappointed.


1v1 DEX
STR: 50-60
STA: 40-45
Dex: xxx
INT: 15

This build is focused on dexterity. You’ll want to use the least amount of strength and stamina possible so that most of it can go to dexterity. You may need to you at or subtract points to these two key areas depending on game flow and play style. The main reason why you’d want to use a dexterity build is for your dodging ability and your critical strikes. Not really looking to get speed breaks here.

STR 1v1 BP

STR 1v1 build
STR: xxx
STA: 30-45
DEX: 45-60ish
INT: 15

This is a strange build but other players have successes with it. For this type of build you will have a maximum point cap of around 42-58 or so. This build is mainly based around getting speed breaks, it is very critical to have a fine tweaked and balanced build here. You’ll have a tough time leveling if you do not have a good balance of stat point allocation. Just find a good cap for your dexterity and just put the rest in strength for the rest of the game.


STR: 40
STA: xxx
DEX: 15
INT: 15

This build is the most used build in flyff for players playing the assist. Early in the game is the most effective way to AoE and level your character quickly. One of the early great dungeons is Flaris and you will gain heaps of experience.

Later in again this is a different story as now all the other classes have their AoE’s and will Ks you often or kill you. The only way to legitimately AoE level is to be in a very large group where you can leech some of the experience and also help others heal. However these excursions are few and far between with AoE leveling. We pretty much just have to push through it and hope we don’t go insane killing one mob after another.

Ringmaster Builds

Full Int Build – most of the players in Flyff who play the assist change their job class to a ringmaster. They commonly focus their stat allocations on intelligence. You have access of great buffs and lots of intelligence. You will have a large assortment of skills in the extra intelligence helps.

STA: 15
STR: 15
DEX: 15
INT xxx

Suport and Battle Ringmaster

This is a good combination build where you are able to do a little PVP and soloing but still have the opportunity to be a supporting character. Your buffs will last a decent amount of time however you will be stuck with your assist fighting skills for the rest of the game. Leveling with a partner is preferred but you can still solo pretty easily for some really great experience.

STA: 30-40
STR: 20-30
Dex: 20-30
INT: xxx


Or Something Like This…

STA: 30-40
STR: xxx
Dex: 96
INT: 15

The main reason for using this build is to maximize the use of the skill cannonball to reach your second speedbreak. If you decide to speed breaks are for you can also go for your third speed break. Which will enable you more speed and accuracy. See below for this type of build…

STA: 30-40
STR: xxx
Dex: 60
INT: 15

There is still other builds that will increase your speed breaks even faster, however you won’t much damage and I don’t really like it so I won’t post build steps.

Clockworks Build

You can always build your ringmaster to focus on fighting clockworks with your guild. You will need great buffs and some very strong upgraded gear to survive in clockworks. Getting great upgraded gear shouldn’t be too tough as you will always be grinding on clockworks with your guild.

STR: 15
STA: 40-60
DEX: 15
INT: xxx

Using this build will assure your success when fighting against clockworks and helping you achieve extremely strong year along with money.

Ringmaster Skills + Explanations

Protect: you can get the skill at level 60 and will give you +5 defense for every skill level for a max of +50 at your skill level 10. This is a great skill because the more defense you can achieve is obviously fantastic. However the limitation of the skill is that you have to use a stick. And heap up lvl 6 to use.

Holycross: you can also get this at level 60. This can be a very useful skill as it will double the next attack to a single target. This also needs a stick to cast.

Gvur Tialla: this is acquired at level 60 and will remove debuffs for example stun. This also needs a stick to cast and prevention level of four to use. This will also use one Bless Poster.

Holyguard: you can get the skill and use at level 65 and will enable you to raise your magic defense by +5 per level. The maximum Of this +5 per level is +50. This is all that useful against other monsters as they really don’t have much magic attack. However during PvP you will find that using the skill against other mages is super and when your best friends.

Spirit Fortune: this is acquired level 65 and will increase your overall damage randomly for a max of +140 or around there, I haven’t seen anything above that so far. You’ll need a bless poster and a stick to cast.

Heal Rain: this is a great skill for level 70 and will give you and your party members healing in a certain area. This casts a little slower and more powerful than a single heal spell. One drawback to this is that you have to be in a party to cast the skill. You simply need to stick to cast the spell.

Geburah Tphreth: the skills acquired at level 70 and will increase you and your party members attack speed and attack for maximum of +140 attack and +25% attack speed. this is one of the best skills that the ringmaster processes. If you combine this with haste you will be able to increase your attack speed to 100%. Unfortunately this cannot be cast on yourself and you must be a party to cast it. Need a stick to use this, and you’ll be required to have holy guard at level 4. You also need spirit fortune at level 7 and will also require one bless poster.

Merkaba Hanzelrusha: you’ll need to be at level 80 to acquire the skill. This is an AoE skill damages over time to cause damage over 10 seconds when maxxed. Your attack rating depends on your sticks attack rating, and it also depends how much intelligence you have. The Ratio is 3 damage per 1 stat allocation of intelligence. You’ll need a stick to cast this and have healing rain of +4 to use. Also uses a bless poster to cast.

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