Site Promotion, Linking And Money

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Linking: There are many ways that links are viewed.  There are two terms that most people will use and say that these are of value or not these are Dofollow and Nofollow.  What these terms are a way for the search engines to figure out how much value to place on a particular link. 

So let us say that you write on blog and it has “dofollow” links, what they are telling the search engine is that you can “go through” this link and add more value to it.  A Nofollow is the opposite, while it works like any other link, the search engine do not place “value” on these links.  The idea is to have a balance between the two of them, some “dofollow” links, and some “nofollow” links. 

A dofollow link means that for the search engines, your site is given “power” in other words the search engines give a link from a dofollow website to yours more weight.  However if you focus only on dofollow iwth providing value, you can lose this status quickly.

Nofollow is the oppsite while still a link where people can get to your work, it does not give “anything else” to the search engines in terms of page rank or value.  This is also vital to have these sorts of lins since they can be used to get traffic.

The most important thing is to link, you will need to begin somewhere and Stumble Upon or Digg are a start but they are nofollow, so they might not provide as much value.  If you were to add a link from hubpages or squidoo (read the terms of service for exact information) they have “dofollow” links which are worth more in the end.

The more links you have teh more likely your work will be found.  The point is that you can not focus soly on one or two places where you think you might be able to make money online.  For example one person might use only article directories but not other places. This is a good idea, but at the same time, you are focusing on maybe one or two directories.  Expand your links, since the next step is vital.

Site Promotion: Site promotion is key to making money in the online world, some people will spend a lot of time trying to make money with the thousands of programs out there, but the one fact remains, to make money with anything online, you have to promote your site to the masses.  This is promtion for increasing traffic, which will in turn promote your site and increase money for you.

Linking is a huge part of site promotion, but another part is comenting, see when you leave a comment, especially if it is a good one, (bad or good but has something to do with the article) then you will have more of a chance to have the other person go and find your work and want to comment on this work.  This is a time consuming idea, but in terms of ongoing site promotion, it is a very effective way to do this.  Comments are a great way to get a converstion started and make people come to your work.

One proviso, your link is found within your name so it is best to make certain that your comments are well thought out and do not overly promtoe your site, rather let the comment speak for itself. More people will click on your profile and see more of your work than otherwise.


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