Five Ways to Catch a Cheating Girlfriend

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1.) GPS Phones

The easiest and probably least obvious way of catching a cheating girlfriend is by tracking her via GPS.  While it is probably illegal where you live to place a GPS device on her car, you can get a phone with GPS capabilities.  Some Droid phones and iPhones offer this capability.  It isn’t illegal to “lose” your phone in a hidden spot in your girlfriend’s car.  This way you can know where she is going.  Just don’t get caught following her!  And make sure the phone never gets called or she will find it.

2.) Talk to Ex-Boyfriends

Try to look up ex-boyfriends.  You may know them already.  While many guys are reluctant to talk about past girlfriends, you can often catch a cheating girlfriend by talking to an ex-boyfriend and finding out if she was cheating on him.  He may only be too proud to announce her past mishaps.  If she was faithful to him them she will probably be faithful to you.  Otherwise, then you know the saying, “Once a cheater, always a cheater”.

3.) Know Her Schedule

Try to figure out your woman’s schedule.  If you want to catch your cheating girlfriend then try to figure out when and where she spends her time.  If her schedule suddenly changes or she starts going out a lot then she might be cheating on you.

4.) Observe Her Way of Dressing and Making Herself Up

Women like to dress to impress.  If your girlfriend starts making a lot of changes in her dress and make-up then she might be trying to impress another guy.  While this might not be a method of actually catching a cheating girlfriend, it can be a good indication that she is either cheating or intending to cheat.  Watch to see if her purchases of clothing, make-up and purses or other accessories suddenly skyrockets.  

5.) Check Her Email and Cell Phone

While it might be hard to access your girlfriend’s email and and cellphone, there will almost always be an electronic trail of her cheating.  Just be sure not to hack, as it will probably be illegal.  This will also be an invasion of her privacy in a big way so be sure not to get caught!  Just be careful, because she might have an extra email account that she doesn’t tell you about.  She also might purchase a second cellphone and hide it so she can communicate with her lover.  Women will always want to call their “others” on a cellphone, so try to bust her.  This is one of the best ways to catch a cheating girlfriend.


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