Thursday, December 14

The Benefits of Running

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First, one caveat, if you prefer to walk briskly rather than run (which is a lot easier to maintain), you will burn almost as many calories as if you had run.  So you may choose to walk instead as it is often times easier to maintain the motivation to walk than to run.

Running increases your lung capacity and power.  If you are a smoker you will find it difficult to run but it will definitely ease the toll that smoking takes on you.  It also slows your pulse rate and this can prevent heart attacks.  It eases your nerves and helps you to relax.  One of the benefits that you receive from running is that it increases mental power and helps you to think for quickly and effectively.  This can help you quite a bit if you are a student.

The benefit of running for your heart cannot be overestimated.  Running increases the pumping power of your heart and slightly increases the density of the heart muscle.  It can prevent the risk of heart attack by a factor of six if you run three or four times a week for a two miles.  

Weight loss is definitely a benefit of running as, next to increasing muscle mass, it is the easiest way to lose weight.  You can lose ten to twenty pounds a month if you run five times a week and maintain a reasonable diet.  

If you need a power-up before running, try drinking a fruit smoothie forty-five minutes before running.  This will increase your mood and endurance before running.

Running can also provide natural endorphins and an increase in serotonin.  If you run two miles three times a week, you can expect a permanent elevation in your mood and humor.  You will have more patience.

Another benefit of running is that it eliminates fat and increases the density and size of your calves and thighs.  You can expect a dramatic difference in your legs’ shape after four weeks of running.  Running is an excellent fat burner.

If you lose motivation to running one day, just use that day to walk the same distance.  It will take a lot longer but you won’t miss out on your schedule.

As you can see, there are a multitude of benefits to running.  It is more difficult than walking, but it is more rewarding.  If you don’t already have the motivation to begin running, look for a running partner on craigslist in the Strictly Platonic section and you will help to keep each other motivated.


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