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Do I Need to Complete a Tefl Certificate to Get a Job Teaching English as a Second Language (Esl)

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The answer to this query is not straightforward & depends on the one who’s thinking about taking the course. Due to the immense types of courses available, it is sometimes difficult to select which one is the best for you. This article will lay out the various types of TEFL courses on offer & which type of person each one is suitable for.

The first option – No TEFL Certificate:

Here the choice is to not take any formal TEFL training nor gain any certificate. This option doesn’t stop you from becoming an ESL teacher, but it might hinder your chances. Why wouldn’t you take a TEFL? Lots of people prefer to teach short term as a way to fund travelling, this option would therefore be the lowest priced option available. This option would be appropriate for individuals who’ve no desire to become an ESL teacher for any length of time & some countries & schools employ teachers with no qualification or experience. In more developed countries, however, it is far more likely that you will require some qualifications and/or experience. I do know teachers with no qualifications & they found a job with no issue at all, however, this doesn’t go to say that this is the same for in every single place. Do your research first, if you can work where you require to travel & find work with no formal qualification perhaps this option is for you.

The Second Option – Online Only Based course:

An online based TEFL lets you complete it over the net, these types of courses are widely available from lots of different operators. This work might be more suitable for somebody who’s not planning a long career in teaching. It gives you the basic information necessary, but no class room practice. All the world wide web study in the world, won’t prepare you fully for your first ever class! How do you know you can talk in front of a sizable group of people if you haven’t tried it before!

This type of work has some advantages over the class room based work. For example, it is much less expensive & faster to complete. Moreover, you can complete this work in your own time & fit it around your life. You can study at any time you require to! This work would suit a busy one who’s thinking of a career modify & wants to inquire in to teaching ESL further.

This option would also suit somebody who’s thinking of travelling & needing to work to support their travelling. It may also suit a one who wants to become an ESL teacher & gives a great introduction in to the world of ESL. These types of courses can give you the information you require to be a teacher, but if you’re thinking about teaching as a career or require to receive a higher paid position & have more options of where you can work, you may want to read option 3.

The Third Option: The Classroom Based TEFL.
This type of TEFL is often  expensive & can range from $500 for week work to over $2,000 for a month long TEFL. This option is more suitable to individuals who are serious about a chaange in career & become ESL Teachers. You will find that you can earn a higher wage than those with no TEFL or  an online based certificate. However, the price of this work makes it reasonable that one must be definite that they want to teach English as a Second Language because it can be  an expensive purchase if you don’t like teaching or only want to teach for a few months.

This option is usually the most recognized by language schools. Teachers have completed a classroom based TEFL with a prescribed amount of hours that can range anywhere from a few days to a whole month. This option will give the prospective teacher more options for teaching than any other option, you will find more schools would be willing to employ somebody with a classroom based work.

The best advice for getting your TEFL would be to ask yourself what it is you require to do with it & research the country or countries where you would like to travel. For example, some countries need higher forms of qualifications, e.g. CELTA whereas some need non whatsoever. Finishing a TEFL would be a great way to kick start a used career, but you can in some places teach with no experience or qualifications.

In conclusion, you would select one of the choices available to you depending on what you require out of a work & what your designs are concerning becoming a teacher of English as a Second Language. If you’re serious about becoming an ESL teacher & require a career in teacher, both options 2 & 3 would be more appropriate. Option 3 for those who are 100% definite that they require to teach ESL for a length of time. If you  require to do a small teaching  to finance a 6 month trip, then option 1 may be applicable depending on your location.

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