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About Hallucinations

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Hallucinations are perceptions of (a sensory response to stimuli that come from outside, where stimulation can be a stimulus sight, smell, hearing, taste and touch.), In a conscious state without any significant effect on the sensory stimuli. Quality perception is felt very clearly by the patient and come from outside the room in fact. Hallucinations are one of the symptoms that are often found in patients with mental disorders, hallucinations are often identified with Schizofrenia (a brain disease caused by an imbalance in one of the cells in a brain chemical)
Generally speaking, hallucinations are divided into:
1. Visual hallucinations
Characterized by visual hallucinations: people see something that does not really exist. Visual hallucinations often lead to a very great fear in people with mental disorders.
2. Auditory Hallucinations
3. Olfactory hallucinations
Olfactory hallucinations characterized by: patients who did not smell anything she likes. Hallucinations This is a picture of guilt in people with mental disorders.
4. Hallucinations gustatori
Gustatorik hallucinations are rare. Gustatorik hallucinations often occur along with hallucinations olfaktorik.
5. Tactile hallucination
Tactile hallucinations are hallucinations experienced by drug addicts and drug dealers.
6. Hallucinations haptik
Haptik hallucination is a perception, where as if the patient’s body is physically in contact with humans or other objects.
7. Hallucinations autoskopi
Hallucinations autoskopi marked with: the patient seems to see himself standing in front of them.


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