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Possible Side Effects And Complications of Lasik Eye Surgery

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While the vast majority of LASIK eye surgery is successful, we tend to forget amid the hype and advertising that it is a complex medical procedure. As with any medical procedure, things do not always work out as planned.  When  it involves something as precious as vision complications can be quite devastating.

There are a number of possible side effects and complications that can arise from LASIK surgery.  Some are just an annoyance while others can be very serious.  It is the surgeon’s responsibility to inform you of potential risks prior to surgery. Unfortunately many get caught up in the excitement of having their vision restored and don’t always pay the attention the subject deserves. Below are a few of the possible risks and side effects from LASIK eye surgery:

  • Dry eye is a common LASIK complication. This can impair vision and cause pain and burning sensation in the eye.  It is possible that in some patients LASIK induced dry eye may be permanent.
  • Under correction or over correction. Many LASIK patients will require retreatment and only a percentage will actually acquire 20/20 vision without glasses.
  • Possibility of corneal  infection.  A slight chance of corneal infection exists post LASIK and must be treated.
  • Haze, night  glare, and halos.   A number of patients report a persistent loss of visual quality after LASIK.
  • Incomplete healing.  In some the cornea becomes weakened by the surgery and never completely heals and becomes more susceptible to problems later.
  • Results may diminish with age. This is of particular concern with patients who are farsighted.
  • Diffuse Lamellar Keratitis.  This refers to an inflammation that sometimes arises beneath the corneal flap.

Not all patients of course will experience these complications or side effects and those that do may experience them to varying degrees. It is important for the patient to fully understand that LASIK surgery is permanent. Once the corneal flap is cut it cannot be mechanically undone.There are remedial measures that may be taken after the fact, but the reality is that for some the side effects may become a permanent part of their life.

While this is not an attempt to dissuade anyone from undergoing LASIK surgery it is important that potential patients approach LASIK  with their eyes wide open (so to speak). For more information on LASIK eye surgery visit
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