Selecting a Woman’s Fragrance

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Selecting a woman’s fragrance is similar to selecting her clothing. A fragrance is an extension of her personality. Fragrances attract suitable mates and make their wearer feel good about themselves. It is not like selecting footwear which she will wear once in a while. Her fragrance is to be worn everyday.

The main thing to consider when selecting a woman’s fragrance is her personality. There are seven main categories of women’s fragrances. Each is suited for a certain personality.

This fragrance is also called the fresh fragrance. This fragrance brings about the scent of the ocean or water. The woman personality it suits the most is the youthful and energetic type. They are therefore very popular among teenagers.

This fragrance is a combination of the fresh with a citrus/fruity touch. Common fruit scents in this fragrance are citrus fruits, grape, apple and peach. The outgoing woman is best suited by this fragrance. This fragrance is also popular among teenagers.

The floral fragrance has the flower scent. Women who are considered romantic and feminine are best suited by this fragrance. Common floral scents used in these fragrances are the rose, tuberose and jasmine.

It is also called the spicy fragrance. It is a warm fragrance with a spicy scent. Common spice scents used in this fragrance include cinnamon and musk. This fragrance suits women who love being the center of attention most.

This fragrance is best suited for affectionate and nurturing women. They are said to be designed to appeal to the wearer’s sweet tooth.

This fragrance has a natural plant scent. One common scent is tobacco. They are best suited for women who love the outdoors.

It is also called the chypre fragrance. Like the woody fragrance, it has a natural scent and best suited for earthly women.

The fragrance you select differs from others in terms of its alcohol content and price. The higher the alcohol content, the lesser the price. Perfumes contain the least amount of alcohol content which is between 85% and 70%. This makes perfumes the most expensive among the fragrances. With the Kohl’s coupons for women’s fragrances, you can get your woman’s best fragrance at discounted prices.

Although a woman’s personality is the best guide when selecting her fragrance, other factors which will determine which she will wear include age, work and the occasions she will wear it.


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