Tips For Overcoming Insomnia

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Tips for Overcoming Insomnia

Every human spent a quarter to a third of his life to sleep. Means that if your age is now 20 years, then at least 5 years you used to sleep.

Sleep is very important for humans. While sleeping, the rest of the body organs and cells repair damaged body experience (natural healing mechanism). Lactic acid (causing fatigue) also neutralized during sleep so that when you wake up the body feels refreshed. Adequate sleep is also able to stabilize the emotions. Lack of sleep will cause a decline in the level of motivation, concentration, thoroughness, creativity and productivity.

Almost every man had experienced trouble sleeping. One in three people reported having trouble sleeping and one of nine people have sleep problems seriously enough.

Insomnia is a sleep disorder suffered continuously (more than ten days). Type there are three, namely: disturbed sleep (sleep onset insomnia), always wake up in the middle of the night (sleep maintenance insomnia), and always get up more quickly than desired (early insomnia Awakening). There are at least four factors that cause insomnia include:

Physical Disturbed

Some physical illnesses can cause insomnia, such as asthma, rheumatism, fever, ulcers, kidney and thyroid disease. These diseases must be addressed first. For people with asthma previously treated with shortness of breath, pain treated patients with rheumatoid arthritis and so on.

Psychic Disturbed

After examination by a doctor can not find a specific physical illnesses, a new psychological factor to be considered as a cause of insomnia.

Not only the problems of life that cause people sleepless nights, even thinking about her boyfriend who lived far apart can result in disrupted sleep. For that, the necessary consciousness of the person to solve the problem in proportion with full effort, patience and of course trust. This can be done independently or with the help of psychologists.

Better not use sleep medication without the advice of a doctor. Its use was restricted only for 2-3 days and can be repeated to a maximum of 3 times.

Use of Drugs and Alcohol

The use of liquor and narcotics will disrupt the neural organ function and normal.

Environment which Interfere

Certain environmental conditions, such as noise, light is very bright, will disturb the concentration of sleep. Then arrange your bedroom environment comfortable, quiet and a bit dark.

Bad Habits

We recommend that you avoid bad habits below:

[+] Avoid drinking coffee or caffeinated food and beverages from late afternoon until the evening before bed. Caffeine can stimulate the nerves so that you become difficult to sleep.
[+] Avoid other activities in bed that had nothing to do with sleep, such as eating or working. Use the bed only for SLEEP and SEX. It is useful to make you get used to that when in bed then it was time to sleep.

In addition to overcoming the causes of insomnia at the top, you’ll want to try to regulate your sleep patterns sestabil possible. Sleep and wake at the same time every day, even holidays. Get used to keep the schedule so that your sleep patterns back to normal.

Learn relaxation techniques also would not hurt. You could try yoga or meditation. Some people even do certain things (which sometimes does not make sense) to get this relaxed atmosphere, among others:
[+] Hot bath
[+] Counting sheep
[+] Sleeping facing north
[+] To move their toes
[+] Caressing belly
[+] Take a deep breath
[+] To imagine something “beautiful”
[+] Sex
[+] Counts down
[+] To fall asleep listening to the radio

Good luck and of course, good night.


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