Funny Stick Figure Families For You Car, Minivan or Suv

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Hello everyone. I would like to thank you for checking out my project. It started over the summer on every trip in the car. Driving around, whether to the store down the street or across the state to visit friends, my girlfriend and I started seeing these little white stickers on the rear windows of SUV’s & minivans. You know the ones, the ones with stick figures of families. They showed how many people in the family, how many and what kind of pets, the hobbies of the family members and even sometimes the names of all the family members. Call me paranoid but there is no better way of telling potential bad guys everything they need. They might as well put up their work and vacation schedules while they are at it. These things started showing up everywhere on every other SUV & minivan we saw. It started to make us sick. Talking with friends and family, we came to the conclusion that most people feel the same way. So one night I had the idea of making my own stickers. They would be anything but the typical happy family. It was my way rebelling. So after several hours of work with an exacto-knife, headlamp, and the steady hand of my girlfriend, we have what you see here. Everywhere we go, the reaction has been so positive. People wanted to know where they could them and if we made them. Well, it’s time to satisfy them. With your help, I hope to raise enough money to purchase a commercial quality printer and vinyl plotter to meet the demand for these stickers. With the help of photoshop and a pen tablet, I plan to have many more designs that I will continually post on the website. So hopefully with your help, A Day in the Burbs will be able to take off and we’ll start seeing some of these on the backs of cars and trucks soon. Once again, thank you for your interest.


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