Wednesday, December 13

Additional Benefits of Green Tea

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The green tea has been touted as the ultimate solution to all our health problems and more and more benefits are being brought out.

Brain protection

Regular consumption of the green tea can have a protective effect on the brain. This is partly due to the anti ageing effect of the antioxidants present in the green tea. Recent studies in the UK have shown that the digestion of the green tea in the gut produces molecules which are capable of preventing the onset of the Alzheimer’s disease. The effect of the digested green tea is much more pronounced compared to the undigested variety. This discovery is all the more pertinent to the USA, considering that this disease affects more than 5 million people. The green tea is also effective against the onset of the other forms of dementia as well.


The term hypertension indicates the presence of high blood pressure. Hypertension could be due to the alteration in any of the factors influencing the blood pressure homeostasis. For example, acetyl cholinesterase is an enzyme which can cause the constriction of the blood vessels, leading to increase in the blood pressure. The substances called catechins present in the green tea are capable of inhibiting this enzyme, thereby preventing the increase in the blood pressure. There is also another way by which hypertension can be prevented by the green tea.



ATGN = Angiotensinogen

ATN = Angiotensin

ALD = Aldosterone

E= Angiotensin converting enzyme

The enzyme angiotensin converting enzyme converts a decapeptide called angiotensinogen into an octapeptide called angiotensin which is a powerful stimulator of the adrenal hormone called aldosterone which promotes increase in the blood pressure. The green tea has the ability to inhibit the enzyme angiotensin-converting enzyme, thereby decreasing the output of the blood pressure elevating aldosterone. In addition, the green tea also interferes with the absorption of salt in the gut, a process which also contributes to a fall in the blood pressure.


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