Oem Honda Wipers – Your Best Bet For The Buck

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We have it instilled in our minds by constant media suggestion to buy the simple ‘do-it-yourself’ items for your vehicle at the Canadian Tires or Walmarts of the world. Windshield wiper blades are definitely one of these items. Even the car owner with the least mechanical ability can change his or her own wiper blades.

Vehicle quality is constantly being improved each and every year and with that, the vehicles are becoming more and more complicated. Yes, even the simple wiper blade has evolved into something that is a bit of a technical masterpiece. Your OEM Honda wiper blades are made to provide the best visibility when you need it the most.

Especially since 2008, Honda has changed their wiper blade design drastically. Customers regularly complain that after replacing the original blades with inexpensive aftermarket wipers, they are worse off. At your Ontario Honda Dealer, it is painful for the Parts and Service Departments to have to inform a customer that they need to spend up to $70 per wiper blade because they threw their old ones out and replaced them with a ‘cheaper’ alterative from one of the big box stores.

It is painful because, although we’re all in the business of making money, we don’t like to make it on a customer’s mistake – especially when they’ve maybe been handed some misinformation.

On ALL Honda vehicles with OEM wiper blades, ALL Ontario Honda Dealers, especially Orangeville Honda, will replace the wiper blade inserts for just the cost of the rubber. In other words, after paying for the inserts, installation is free.

 How much are these inserts? Typically, after sales tax, you will pay no more than $12.99 total for both blades (approx. $5.50 each)!

 Here are some examples of what Honda OEM full replacement wiper blades cost:

2008-2011 Honda Civic 4 door – $70 per side (yes that’s $140 for wipers!).

2008-2011 Honda Civic 2 door – $50 per side.

2009-2011 Honda Fit – $36 per side.

2007-2011 CRV – $40 for the driver’s side and $30 for the passenger’s.

2008-2011 Accord – $40 for the driver’s side and $30 for the passenger’s.

The rubber is not meant to last and can degrade fairly quickly in the extreme Central Ontario weather. If your vision isn’t as clear as it used to be, drop into Orangeville Honda – no appointment necessary – and we’ll gladly change your inserts for you.


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