Gaza Flotilla

The overall reaction from the Obama administrations was, to say the most , a mild display of concern . A reaction that did not befit the magnitude of the crime

There are a few things that should have been said on this issue both by the White house and the mainstream media. First, the blockade  Israel imposes on Gaza is illegal. Amnesty international called the blockade “a flagrant violation of  international law”. A blockade that the UN committee of elders including Nelson Mandela, shortly after the flotilla massacre, described as “one of the worst human rights violations in the world today”. Secondly, Israel used an armed commando raid on a humanitarian convoy in international waters. One would think ‘No sane mind would try to justify this raid’. But we heard Israeli spokesperson Mark Regev (a demented mind) justifying it. One should keep in mind that what happened in the flotilla was no way a mistake.Prior to the incident the Israeli government met for a whole week discussing the flotilla issue. And the strategy they came up with was an armed commando raid in the dead of the night. Israel has now become a lunatic state. A lunatic state that is armed with about two to three thousand nuclear weapons. A lunatic state that openly calls for war against Iran and the Hezbollah in Lebanon. One should seriously think about whether a lunatic state like Israel should be allowed to keep nuclear weapons. >

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