Sunday, December 17

Video Games And Why They Are Good For An Aging Person

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Okay, first things first: we must realize what are the problems when we use the phrase “problems and older person faces”. 

Commonly, lack of focus, inability to remember clearly, hand-eye coordination problems, too much time on their hands, and quite generally, the refusal to think.

Have you ever wondered why, or seen the multitudes of elder generations playing board games, like chess? It helps them focus, develops their cognitive abilities EVEN WHILE THEY ARE AGING, and even better, it helps them while away their time. And we all know, old people have nothing more than time. Unless it’s that Social Securities paycheck that your tax dollars are going into, but we’ll get into that in another article.

Oh wait, they also feel “unconnected” with the newer generation. Your father wants to play with you. Except he can’t play basketball anymore, his joints will protest. He’s not getting any younger, and you’re not interested in board games anymore.

And yet, the solution is simple. All they have to do is learn how to play newer generation games. Not Call of Duty 4 immediately, unless your father is a gaming genius in which you might as well quit now before you humiliate yourself. Try something simple. Tetris? Wii? Something both of you can do together (or at least watch the other get into action on) and can more or less compete in (so you can brag in his face when you kick his ass). 

Wait, why is this good for an old person again?

Let’s take the Wii for instance. Hand-eye coordination? Check. Movement? Check. Focused on sticking a plunger in that Rabbid’s eye? Check. Ability to remember all the different Pikmin and their effects? Check. Time wasted? Depends on how you define “wasted”. For family, time spent together is NEVER wasted, especially when that time was spent on actually improving an older person’s basic functions.

Additionally, they actually become happier. And generally more optimistic. Or should be. See, emotions are part of the human body, and the human body is generally geared towards spending time with family/friends, and so on, and so forth. In which when you’re doing what you’re designed to do, your brain releases endorphins (they’re basically weed. Except good for your body, and no bad side-effects) that makes you happy. This generally attributes a more youthful look to the person.

Holy smokes, we’ve got time well spent, better cognitive functions, possible better body coordination, and a potion of youth to boot?! All for DEFINITELY less than what a doctor prescribes?

Not to mention, showing your grandma a thing or two in your favorite game is much better than listening to her tell you old stories, eh?


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