Live Beneath Your Means…

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Seriously keeping up with the Jones is actually a figure of speech from long ago!  But it is alive and well today; it keeps most of the world on the road of wanting or trying to get better things, and in debt.
Important to remember you aren’t measured by the clothes you wear the shoes on your feet, or the house you live in.  Actually there are many who think so, and this is sad.  And facing the world in something less than a no name shirt or shoes becomes hard for them.
This actually cracks me up, because most of my clothes either come from the thrift store or the clearance racks.  Plain ole every tennis shoes, and plain ole every day jeans, and live in a plain ole Pole barn in the middle of the woods.  Loving yourself should come first.  Really I am just a plain Jane, that has no desire to keep up with the Jones, but many I know are trying.
So, does having high priced or name brand clothing or wearing these items make you better than your fellow human being?  Some of the people you work with may think so or go to school with may think so.  Don’t let them fool you, they may have the brand name clothing but may had to pawn something to pay the rent.
Living within your means leaves little money for high priced clothing and shoes, which all you’re doing is making the other man richer while you get poorer. Just having food on the table is a plus this days, and knowing your bills are paid is a plus, so would you rather eat or have a cool name brand shirt to wear.  It is your choice, most will choose the shirt, and a few will choose the food. Or go into debt to try and buy these things, credit card companies’ love you.
But living like the other half supposedly lives or keeping up with the Jones is what the trying to be better than normal crowd wants to be and do, is this normal?  No it isn’t Normal, but what is normal these days.
This starts early on, in the way we were raised or raising our children of today.  School, and Parents willing to give, Commercials on TV and in magazines have place the value on the wrong things in life. Peer pressure is the worst, at school, if your middle or low class you are shunned, so buying clothes to fit in?  This is unreal, you should be accepted for who or what you are, not the clothes you wear, not the IPod you have, not the PSP game, not the latest Oakley Sunglasses, and not for where you live. It is like feeding yourself image, supposedly they will look at you differently.  This is brought to action by I have this, I want this, I can get kind of attitude, from fellow friends.  But are they really friends? Again a quote from my Mother, a true friend is someone who knows all about you but likes you anyways…
So keeping up with the Jones doesn’t make us better, it also doesn’t make us any worse than anyone else.  So this goes out to the normal people who buy no name brand items and are happy with them, don’t let anyone tell you any different.  Make your own style, be happy with who and what you are and don’t let anyone tell you any different.
Clothes don’t make the man, the man makes the man.  Try to live beneath your means, and teach others what is more important, like a having a family, food, and a roof over their heads, and shoes on their feet, are tops on my list even if they don’t have a brand name tag.


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